“Life is a trip. The only problem is that it doesn’t come with a map…Mystic World helps you draw a blueprint- a roadmap to that journey through balancing of Energies.” – ‘Sakshi’ Narendra 

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with ‘Sakshi’ Narendra

Warm welcome to the World of Infinite Energy to Unleash your Full Potential and become Unique You.

We all wish to have health, wealth, happiness and harmony in our lives but the fact remains that even after so much advancement in science, Happiness still remains a distant dream. Majority of the people don’t have their life goal or life purpose aligned with the Cosmic Plan. Of the ones that have their life goals, only few channelize their energy to achieve them. Ignorance of right life goals coupled with lack of motivation; results into unfulfillment of dreams causing Energy Imbalances. This Energy Imbalance results into stress, anxiety, tension, dissatisfaction at home and workplace of an individual. We are in a state where we are neither fully satisfied with our material world, nor have harmonious balance between the material and the spiritual world. As this Energy Imbalance varies from Individual to Individual, a customized approach for Energy Alignment is the need of the hour.

Our Personal 1-1 Transformational Programmes for effective Personal, Relationship & Business holistic goals help those wanting to live their Best Life with Great Riches & Everlasting Happiness. It involves:

  • Understanding of LIFE PURPOSE
  • Knowing the UNIQUE ELEMENT you are born with
  • Realizing the Energy LEAKAGES in your life
  • Conservation, Transformation and UPWARD MOVEMENT of Life Energy to Life Goals through Meditation and Love
  • Maintaining a Harmonious BALANCE between Material and Spiritual World


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Every child is born pure with complete consciousness as a Soul. As his age increases, the first time he says ‘No’ to his parents, he starts considering himself as an ‘Individual’ and ‘Covers’ that consciousness with mind patterns, beliefs and tendencies which he gathers from family, friends and the society. The fundamental key of Energy Alignment is to align the individual Energy of five elements of the body viz. Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Sky through the Mystic Vision with the Life Purpose so as to live Life’s purpose joyfully, prosperously and with maximum impact.

When such an individual gets in touch with the Realized Master with Awakened Energy who is connected with the Infinite – the Divine Universal consciousness by way of Complete Surrender (i.e. of Negativity, of the Ego and the thoughts of the Past and the Future) and is in the state of ‘Thoughtlessness’, He acts as a Mirror to that individual. He then becomes a ‘Flute’ in the hands of the Universe and the universal consciousness uses that Divine Soul as a guiding light for others through many blessings via Clairvoyance, Mystic Vision, Telepathy, Extra sensory Perceptions. Once mind becomes absolutely Still, Intelligence transcends human limitations.

The process of Energy Alignment involves one time Energy Rectification process based on Mystical Vision, Observations seen through meditation by Energy Exchange. Thereafter, Energy Enhancement is suggested as per customized quote.