“Unguided thoughts are like missiles marked to hit yourself.”

Negativity is the most common syndrome that arises in each one of our lives till we reach ‘Self’. We are at the mercy of Uncontrolled Emotions due to the rational mind that whatever good we do, does not give any results. Negativity removal is the first and foremost ritual so as to breathe a sigh of relief in most of our life problems, in order to get growth and happiness in our life.

Our Emotions are closely linked with our Mind & Body. These Negative emotions end up with Negative Thoughts & Observations due to which we feel anxious, depressed, short tempered, apathetic or disconnected from people / environment / universe and we are hardly able to perform to the best of our ability. Individuals often use outside stimulants such as smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, overwork themselves in an attempt to ‘pacify’ the things. But this is a short term measure and it only lasts temporarily as we are faced with the same situations again.

We through Divine Mystic Vision and Astral Travel see through the Negativity in your surroundings, ask you to rectify it so that you start seeing remarkable positive results at your end leading to a much more stable and stronger feeling of overall well-being, satisfaction & happiness in your life and surroundings, while constantly releasing those Negative patterns and situations.

“In Jan 2016 Mitul (my husband) was affected by some negativity which made him very low in his confidence, he was almost under depression and was badly affected by one of our relative’s death. At that time we got reference of Narendra Agrawal (Our Mentor) & with just one call to him, Mitul got better, without Sir visiting our home or without touching him. We got to know that he was affected with negativity coming from crematorium. He is completely fine now. Thanks to Sir.”

– Bijal (Business Woman & House wife), Ahmedabad, India