“Master came, He Saw and I was Blessed.”

Everything in this Universe is achievable except Blessings. It is a Divine way of receiving Energy through an Awakened Soul.

We generally tend to remain at the circumference of the Universe. Spiritual journey involves moving from this outer to the centre of the circle. Outer is the cloud of thoughts. Inner is the clear sky – absence of clouds. Outer is the visuals that we see all around; the Inner is the One who ‘SEE’ it all. Remember it’s not your eye because it is also a part of the body. It is also object. Even this eye is being seen by the ‘SEE-ER’. Knowing this ‘SEE-ER’ is knowing “Your Self”. Once you know this, nothing remains to be known. This awareness leads to Oneness that the Same exists in the Mountains, in the flowing of the rivers, in the blossoming of the trees, in every man and woman. That is freedom. Freedom from ‘Yourself’ – ENLIGHTENMENT.

But to know oneself, one has to go Inside. Meditation is only way to go inside, to know yourself. The one which is inside cannot be known with any rituals, by visit to any pilgrimage because all this is also ‘Outside’. It starts with the Awareness of the Body, Thoughts and Emotions which leads to the Self. You reach the Inner world that is free from the past and the future, free from all beliefs and patterns, just in the state of Happiness, in Bliss. It leads to state of Tathata i.e. Total Surrender and Zazen i.e. just sitting doing nothing yet completely Aware. This awareness is not of mere information or collection of knowledge but a true understanding of the Self through Meditation. Mere information of spiritual journey confines one within the boundaries of fixed notions, which leads to Nothing; but the true knowledge leads to Everlasting Happiness.

Our customized Spiritual Awakening guided programs involves understanding the Mind-Body-Emotion pattern of an Individual, explaining the importance of Conservation of Energy, its transformation and its upward movement from lower to higher level of consciousness through Meditation.

Meditation manifests itself in the outer world in the form of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE…Love for one and all.

Experience the Miracles of Meditation through Mystic Vision – Your Divine Family Friend ‘SAKSHI’ NARENDRA