Narendra Agrawal
Narendra Agrawal
Narendra Agrawal
Narendra Agrawal
Narendra Agrawal

“Life is a trip. The only problem is that it doesn’t come with a map...Mystic Vision helps you draw a blueprint- a roadmap to that journey through balancing of Energies.”

Warm welcome to the World of Infinite Energy to Unleash your Full Potential and become Unique You.

We all wish to have health, wealth, happiness and harmony in our lives but the fact remains that even after so much advancement in science, Happiness still remains a distant dream. Majority of the people don’t have their life goal or life purpose aligned with the Cosmic Plan. Of the ones that have their life goals, only few channelize their energy to achieve them. Ignorance of right life goals coupled with lack of motivation; results into unfulfillment of dreams causing Energy Imbalances. This Energy Imbalance results into stress, anxiety, tension, dissatisfaction at home and workplace of an individual. We are in a state where we are neither fully satisfied with our material world, nor have harmonious balance between the material and the spiritual world. As this Energy Imbalance varies from Individual to Individual, a customized approach for Energy Alignment is the need of the hour.

Our Personal 1-1 Transformational Programmes for effective Personal, Relationship & Business holistic goals help those wanting to live their Best Life with Great Riches & Everlasting Happiness. It involves:

  • Understanding of LIFE PURPOSE
  • Knowing the UNIQUE ELEMENT you are born with
  • Realizing the Energy LEAKAGES in your life
  • Conservation, Transformation and UPWARD MOVEMENT of Life Energy to Life Goals through Meditation and Love
  • Maintaining a Harmonious BALANCE between Material and Spiritual World

Have A Life Problem? Require a Solution??

Energy Alignment



“Our destiny is not created by the shoes we wear... but by the steps we take.”

75% of the Corporate Groups & Businesses dream of bigger goals but less than half of them have Dynamic planning to pursue those goals and out of them, only half try to achieve those goals and from them, very few actually achieve them.

Energy alignment is vital for the overall growth and smooth operations in corporate and businesses. Energy imbalances occurs due to many factors such as Differences in overall Vision & Mission of the Top Management of the corporate and its Employee – within Employees – with Customers or Stakeholders, Mind Money Blockages restricting Abundance, Focus on Individualistic personal approach...



“Planning one’s career is a tough exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has a different question paper in life!!”

Most people hate what they do, but still spend most of their life doing it. Most of us get a job somewhere around 20 and we retire around 60. Considering the life span of about 80 years which the study says only 82% of the people reach up to, we live only for an average of 15 years for which we work or better say, toil for 40 years of our life. It’s time to wake up now and completely re-invent yourself and become an individual you always wanted to be. It’s never too late to start. We often come up with situations...


Child Behaviour/Parenting

“Kids are like a mirror, what they see and hear; they do. Be a good reflection for them. – K. Heath”

Modern hectic schedules, workplaces and home compulsions, financial pressures and in many cases, easy financial access take a toll on our children. It is totally difficult to handle even one or two children in the modern environment of social gadgets & media. We feel and talk about values and morality being eroded day by day in our children compared to our elders. Most of us experience such challenges with regard to children and parenting. If our primary relationships are strained or house atmosphere is tense, children are bound to get affected due to Energy imbalances...


Health & Illness

“Take TIME OUT for your health; else you will be OUT OF TIME.”

We spend 50% of our life to earn money and rest to see it spent for curing of diseases!

Most of our health issues are Psychosomatic. Anger damages our liver. Sorrow weakens our lungs. Tensions lead to poor digestion. Fear weakens the kidney. Energy Alignment creates Inner Transformation in thought process, clearing old patterns and dissolving personal blocks; boosting your Healing Process.

We all know what is good for us. We also know what is better to be avoided to remain healthy and fit. However, the fact is we do the opposite. This is due to Mind mastering the Body.


Financial / Property Matters

“U r not just born to pay bills and die, U r born to enjoy UR Uniqueness in this wonderful world!”

Most of the times, as we live in materialistic world; we end up buying a bigger house or a new car just because our neighbour bought one. We often feel insecure and confused when our funds are chocked up, due to market conditions or family emergencies. Our Financial needs often get ‘blocked’ in Land, House property, with Individuals, Inventory...


Relationship & Marriage

"Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but are always perfect for you."

The most talked, googled, filmed and the sought over topic of all times is LOVE but the least understandable topic of all times is also LOVE..This is because love involves not only body but also mind and emotions and ultimately soul.

Individuals often take only physical or wordy aspect when going ahead with their relationship. This momentary attraction arises in Individuals due to regular association at workplace or common area of activity, social networking sites, and common hobbies among others.


Negativity Removal

“Unguided thoughts are like missiles marked to hit yourself.”

Negativity is the most common syndrome that arises in each one of our lives till we reach ‘Self’. We are at the mercy of uncontrolled emotions due to the rational mind that whatever good we do, does not give any results. Negativity removal is the first and foremost ritual so as to breathe a sigh of relief in most of our life problems, in order to get growth and happiness in our life.

Our emotions are closely linked with our Mind & Body. These negative emotions end up with Negative Thoughts & Observations due to which we feel anxious, depressed, short tempered, apathetic or disconnected from people / environment / universe...


Spiritual Awakening

“Master came, He Saw and I was Blessed.”

Everything in this Universe is achievable except Blessings. It is a Divine way of receiving Energy through an Awakened Soul.

We generally tend to remain at the circumference of the Universe. Spiritual journey involves moving from this outer to the centre of the circle. Outer is the cloud of thoughts. Inner is the clear sky – absence of clouds. Outer is the visuals that we see all around; the Inner is the One who ‘SEE’ it all. Remember it’s not your eye because it is also a part of the body. It is also object. Even this eye is being seen by the ‘SEE-ER’. Knowing this ‘SEE-ER’ is knowing “Your Self”. Once you know this, nothing remains to be known...

Energy Rectification

Every child is born pure with complete consciousness as a Soul. As his age increases, the first time he says ‘No’ to his parents, he starts considering himself as an ‘Individual’ and ‘Covers’ that consciousness with mind patterns, beliefs and tendencies which he gathers from family, friends and the society. The fundamental key of Energy Alignment is to align the individual Energy of five elements of the body viz. Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Sky through the Mystic Vision with the Life Purpose so as to live Life’s purpose joyfully, prosperously and with maximum impact.

When such an individual gets in touch with the Realized Master with Awakened Energy who is connected with the Infinite - the Divine Universal consciousness by way of Complete Surrender (i.e. of Negativity, of the Ego and the thoughts of the Past and the Future) and is in the state of ‘Thoughtlessness’, He acts as a Mirror to that individual. He then becomes a ‘Flute’ in the hands of the Universe and the universal consciousness uses that Divine Soul as a guiding light for others through many blessings via Clairvoyance, Mystic Vision, Telepathy, Extra sensory Perceptions. Once mind becomes absolutely Still, Intelligence transcends human limitations.

The process of Energy Alignment involves one time Energy Rectification process based on Mystical Vision, Observations seen through meditation by Energy Exchange. Thereafter, Energy Enhancement is suggested as per customized quote.

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