Vadodara, India

Dandavat Pranam. We are blessed to have your grace and blessings with us always. You are our rock-solid support all times. Our prayers with folded hands to be with us. read more

Vadodara, India

Thank you thank you thank you Guruji for making our birth successful. By only causeless grace we can meet Guru.Thank you for bringing us closer to you by knowledge and faith, Thank you for making us realise mistakes and ignorances of endless lifetimes. Thank you for helping us dispose thoughts of pride, ownership and doership… read more

Vadodara, India

Namaskara a thousand times again and again. Your blessings have transformed our life to a brighter path. away from darkness. Thank you Thank you Thank you Sir for all your Guidance, Support, Enlightenment and Energy.

Vadodara, India

Thanks a lot… for giving me everything so many blessings and all other things. Thanks a lot sir!!! Blessed to have you sir

Vadodara, India

There will be no darkness in my life as there is the ray of light of your blessings and teaching. I am really grateful to have you in my life is the best version (the version of guru). read more

New Delhi, India

Sir, With ur blessings following are the positives of the day…. Happiness: Talking to sir today was energizing. He infused amazing positivity and direction to my thoughts. Such eye opening facts of life unfold by talking to him. Changing out fundamentals and correcting our myths about living a happy life. Am truly grateful for his… read more

Vadodara, India

To, Mystic Vision Sir, I dedicate this poem to you on the occasion of Gurupurnima as a small gesture. COMPILED ALTRUISM Another day completes, and I write to him. The shower of blessings, he pours within. A prophet you can say, divine till brim. Just an inch of faith and reliance fom the light to… read more

Vadodara, Gujarat

With ur blessings Got 100 in Electrical Engineering Exam. Mechanical Engineering Exam went good. Thanku thanku thanku. read more

Morbi, Gujarat

Adarnia Sirji, Aap ki param kripa aur urja se niche likhe kam past month hueaa After 1.5/2 months production started with continuous orders. Workers attended with good service. Ashokji now comes in good health. Harishbhai coming daily with good thoughts and service. Daughter appeared in exam with u blessings and energy. Thanku thanku thanku. Aap… read more

Ahmedabad, India

“And the wedding happened.. It goes like we were searching for groom for my sister and after we met 2-3 boys, we liked one of them and both the parties agreed for the relationship but somehow things did not worked out.. After consulting Mr. Narendra Agrawal he asked us to wait for the time to… read more

Baroda, India

Saadar pranam Agarwal ji,You were introduced to us by Dhruv’s teacher and since then with your divine blessings and wishes, Dhruv has been set on a path of progress-not only in studies but there is a tremendous improvement in his behaviour and attitude towards everything. With your divine blessings Dhruv’s relationship with me has also… read more

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

PranamShri Narendrabhai Agrawal,my friend,philosopher,guide & guru.What a fantastic journey it has been under his Spiritual guidance since the past three years.Ever since I have come in touch with Narendrabhai,my entire life & thought process have changed positively.It is really miraculous how he analysis’s my problems & provides me with a solution immediately by just giving… read more

Delhi, India

Pranam Sir, it’s joy to be around you and just recalling the your face in front of my eye takes me out of the difficult situation and shows me the correct direction. You made me introduce to myself and guided to live in correct manner. Met you for first time at Airport for few minutes… read more

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

I have been associated with Narendraji since 2013 and he has always been constant support in my difficult times. I would like to mention specially, it was as if fresh breeze of air after negativity removal from our house, tense internal personal relations within family members were seen soon to be dissolved. Will always be… read more

Mumbai, India

Wish to share an experience with u, about Narendra ji. One of our family friend gave me his no, & told me to call Narendra ji , before calling him in life, I was in totally disturb mind, lost my dear one, our financial work related things were stuck, was in totally a negative mind,… read more

Mumbai, India

I am indebted to the Master for bringing positive change in the various spheres of our life. His way of healing is so simple for us to do but the results are powerful for us to reckon with. Be it be any dimension of our life, Master is there for succour and help. Meeting with… read more


We had asked Sir for a watch that was lost which was an expensive watch. We were not able to find it. When we asked Sir, he said we will get it for sure and don’t have to worry as it is safe with some person whose name starts with ‘R’. Actually it was left… read more


Dear Narendraji, I am very much thankful to your guidance for my career with Clairvoyant Astrology. In fact the indication you had given were so much perfect that they helped me a lot to make the correct choices amongst the available options. Even then after you provided me Guidance with your supernatural powers of Clairvoyant… read more


I have been working alone in my business since long & was stuck in some matters, personal as well as financial.. Since last 2 years I was searching for a mentor, who can guide me in all the ways of life and business, provide me super positive energy & help me in a divine way.… read more

Mumbai, India

Books often give us the best possible information on earth but only an Alive Awakened Soul can Guide you towards True Knowledge. I am blessed to start my spiritual journey with Narendraji & also privileged to find someone who’s always guiding me step by step. read more


Was going through stress due to personal issues. Talked to one of my friend, she suggested me to contact Narendraji. I contacted him and discussed my issues. He started the energy process. Since that day, I am feeling relaxed and positive. I am more focussed in my personal and professional life. I am getting appreciation… read more


Hello Uncle,You have done very good forecasting of things which are going to happen in future. I have become fan of it.U have forecasted about my CA Final Result that I will be declared as CA in 20th May 2018 with announcement of the result I have seen my result and I declared as CA… read more

Ajwa, India

I am a chess player. I worked very hard but lacked stamina to perform. As I started healing, I became more confident. I became healthy. I started doing physical workout. Now I am fittest to face anything, I got more spiritual. My graph in chess game went suddenly upwards. I was relieved of all confusions… read more

Vadodara, India

As my healing started, I started calming down and felt inner peace. I started controlling my temper and started understanding people. I became more patient and tolerant. I increased understanding with my family members. I started becoming more helpful to my wife and daughter. I could complete my projects which were pending. Thank you Sir… read more


As I started healing by Narendra Agrawalji, I felt a drastic change in my life. All of a sudden I overcame my anxiety and tensions. I immediately got my Green card for USA which had been delaying for no reason. People stopped harassing me, my salary increased and I became healthier. I started living a… read more

Texas, USA

Being in touch with Narendra Sir for a long time now, being in touch with him always provided a sense of confidence and self belief. In the 12th grade a crucial year for admission process in USA. His guidance and confident talks always motivated me and built the confidence to always think positive and be… read more

Mumbai, India

I had OCD and Diabetes insipidus. No doctors were able to correctly diagnose my condition, my life was a living hell as everything I tried was difficult, in 2015 got reference and my dad talked with Narendra Sir… He asked a list of what u needed to be cured and started Healing. Was astonished to… read more


I am Truely Blessed to have Positive Energy, Blessings and Guidance from Narendra Sir, in the journey of my life. I get Support, Motivation and Confidence from him in my Studies, to achieve my target and establish Career. His guidance has helped me be very positive towards life and cheerful. He encouraged me to always… read more

Mumbai, India

Parenting Workshop Experience – The workshop by Sir has immensely benefitted me with better & positive relations not only with my children & parents but also with my friends and relatives. I have felt a boost in my child’s personal growth & have seen miraculous transformations following His simple guidance. If my parents would have… read more

Mumbai, India

Being married for just a year, we were initially reluctant to join the workshop for Parenting as we didn’t have any plans but a parent from our friend circle insisted on the workshop, being a very great opportunity to grow and prepare for having children and we were very happy that we listened to them!!… read more

Gujarat, India

It has been a great experience taking part in Child Behaviour & Parenting Workshop. There were many things we got to learn from this workshop, where we can correct ourself while upbringing our kids. Useful tips and exercise were provided during this span of 14 days, which can make our kids better person in future.… read more

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

I came across this workshop of Child Behaviour & Parenting. It’s in Hindi. But I found it very very informative and positive. Anyone who is interested in this should enrol once. U can refer my name Dhruti Lodha if you are enrolling. I did this workshop on parenting, though my baby is 2 years old… read more

Mumbai, India

Gurudev, With your blessings, Completed 14 days life-changing workshop. learnt many many good things about life, goal achievement and following many points. Today at the end of the 14th day, five points are amazing, it has covered everything and started following this completely. read more

Gurgaon, India

Pranam, Amazing workshop and beautifully designed, Each and every session had been helpful personally to understand the values and to avoid doing mistakes what were being done as a parent. Though the child is of 4 years so am sure this will help in upbringing in future, Would suggest every parent should go for this.… read more