“And the wedding happened.. It goes like we were searching for groom for my sister and after we met 2-3 boys, we liked one of them and both the parties agreed for the relationship but somehow things did not worked out.. After consulting Mr. Narendra Agrawal he asked us to wait for the time to come and within 2 months we came to know about a boy from Mumbai (working in Hongkong) above all he was my aunt’s relative.. we all met for 3-4 times and they decided to get engaged.. after engagement and before wedding date there were sudden 5 deaths of close family members in both the families, we got worried and were scared, as all the wedding preparations were done.. but as sir said wedding will happen and it happened exactly as he said.. Now we all are happy and very thankful to Sir for his divine blessings and positive energy..
Thank u Thank u Thank u. ”