Dandavat Pranam. We are blessed to have your grace and blessings with us always. You are our rock-solid support all times. Our prayers with folded hands to be with us.

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AmeeVadodara, India

Thank you thank you thank you Guruji for making our birth successful. By only causeless grace we can meet Guru.Thank you for bringing us closer to you by knowledge and faith, Thank you for making us realise mistakes and ignorances of endless lifetimes.

Thank you for helping us dispose thoughts of pride, ownership and doership and always be in gratitude. Thank you for protecting us always and giving strength to experience situations.

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AdityaVadodara, India

Namaskara a thousand times again and again. Your blessings have transformed our life to a brighter path. away from darkness. Thank you Thank you Thank you Sir for all your Guidance, Support, Enlightenment and Energy.

SetuVadodara, India

Thanks a lot… for giving me everything so many blessings and all other things. Thanks a lot sir!!! Blessed to have you sir

TithiVadodara, India

There will be no darkness in my life as there is the ray of light of your blessings and teaching. I am really grateful to have you in my life is the best version (the version of guru).

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PrernaVadodara, India

Sir, With ur blessings following are the positives of the day….

Happiness: Talking to sir today was energizing. He infused amazing positivity and direction to my thoughts. Such eye opening facts of life unfold by talking to him. Changing out fundamentals and correcting our myths about living a happy life.

Am truly grateful for his guidance. His way of guiding is beautiful with very simple and interesting examples.

Keep Holding his hand and he will guide you with immense COMPASSION

Thanku thanku thanku.

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AditiNew Delhi, India

To, Mystic Vision

Sir, I dedicate this poem to you on the occasion of Gurupurnima as a small gesture.


Another day completes,

and I write to him.

The shower of blessings,

he pours within.

A prophet you can say,

divine till brim.

Just an inch of faith and

reliance fom the light to the dim.

He suffers the agony and,

the righteous mess,

for he wishes the best.

For all the crowd and,

goats and buffalos,

The altruistic stands for the messed.

The gifted in time,

From his past penances,

He gets to act for the well-being of others.

He shares a piece of nurturing to all,

Respecting his blessings,

He further Bestows!


11th Std Student

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TinazVadodara, India

With ur blessings

Got 100 in Electrical Engineering Exam. Mechanical Engineering Exam went good. Thanku thanku thanku.

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AmanVadodara, Gujarat

Adarnia Sirji,

Aap ki param kripa aur urja se niche likhe kam past month hueaa

  1. After 1.5/2 months production started with continuous orders.
  2. Workers attended with good service.
  3. Ashokji now comes in good health.
  4. Harishbhai coming daily with good thoughts and service.
  5. Daughter appeared in exam with u blessings and energy.

Thanku thanku thanku.

Aap ko koti koti naman aur pranam

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AjayMorbi, Gujarat

“And the wedding happened.. It goes like we were searching for groom for my sister and after we met 2-3 boys, we liked one of them and both the parties agreed for the relationship but somehow things did not worked out.. After consulting Mr. Narendra Agrawal he asked us to wait for the time to come and within 2 months we came to know about a boy from Mumbai (working in Hongkong) above all he was my aunt’s relative.. we all met for 3-4 times and they decided to get engaged.. after engagement and before wedding date there were sudden 5 deaths of close family members in both the families, we got worried and were scared, as all the wedding preparations were done.. but as sir said wedding will happen and it happened exactly as he said.. Now we all are happy and very thankful to Sir for his divine blessings and positive energy..
Thank u Thank u Thank u. ”

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BIJALAhmedabad, India