We all wish to have Success in Life. But have we ever wondered how can we make that a possibility? The Secret is to Live Every Moment with Awareness. Be alert of each and every action, What are you doing each and every moment. Put All Your Energies in that task.

In the pursuit to live every moment in Awareness, an Individual is compelled to Live every moment IN PRESENT. Unless and until one lives in present, one cannot live life each moment. And then the Magik happens. Since you become Aware of being Living in the Present Moment, you put all your Energies – Body, Mind, and Soul in fulfilling that task. Your whole quality of conscious action takes a 360° turn. Your entire focus is then on your present activity. In this scenario, the whole Universal Energy is focused on that one task of yours. That leads to SUCCESS and ultimately EXCELLENCE.

In routine affairs, we often tend to oscillate either in the past or go into the future looking for the possible result of the activity. Due to which our Energies remain divided leading to less concentration in the task given, which gives average results and prevents us from building a high reputation about our work.

Initially, it is difficult to be in awareness fully. In fact, very difficult. But with little practice, this Art can be mastered for Amazing Results. 

A monk was asked – What is his Secret of attaining the state of Everlasting Happiness? His reply was – Really Nothing but just one thing. Doing one task at a time. He was again questioned by asking that this is what generally everybody does. The monk’s reply was stunning – He answered, ‘When I say one task at a time means when I eat, my mind, heart, and soul all are focused on eating. No other work. When I sleep, I become sleep myself. No other work. That’s what I call doing one work and putting all your Energies in that. That gave me Awakening. 

‘Sakshi’ Narendra is an Awakened Soul. He is on a Mission to spread Love & Happiness thru’ the path of Meditation to Mankind. 

He provides easy solutions to Life Problems by rectifying body-mind energy mechanisms for a Life Transforming Experience thru’ Clairvoyance Revelations thru’ Mystic Vision & Divine Voice.

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