From times immortal we have highlighted poverty to such an extreme & considered it good while we have a different eye altogether for wealthy people considering them as if they have accumulated all their wealth with illegal means. We have virtually worshipped poverty and doubted the rich person. This anti life attitude is the basic reason of our miseries. Poverty can never be a means of becoming spiritual. Living the life of abundance materially & spiritualy both ways is the true understanding of life. Material & Spirit are not two worlds. There can never be any devision between the material world or spiritual world. The reason we amplify the poverty stricken person as a spiritual & worthy person shows that we have a sick mentality. This sick mentality results into a sick society & a vicious circle is created resulting into shortages all over. There is abundance in nature but that abundance that can only be experienced when one knows his natural self. Connected to our consciousness is connecting to abundance. The journey from material to spirit starts from the body itself. The one who only talks about spirit & criticizes the material world can never experience inner bliss. A thorough understanding of life resonates with the right understanding of both the Material & Spiritual world as they are interconnected & interrelated.

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